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Be the Fountain


            Fountains attract people. Water sprays upward, falling gently in eye-catching splendor. Bubbling fountains gurgle soft whispers, soothing one’s very soul.

Fountains renew and refresh, even heal. Spend time at the heart of a fountain. Depart rejuvenated.

The Heartland Fountain anthology project is offering a free class on June 6, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. to noon. This class is open to those who wish to have their writing considered for inclusion in our second volume of Oklahoma: The Fountain of the Heartland. The presentation will be held at the Clubhouse at Hunter’s Creek located at 1000 Villas Creek Drive in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Come learn how to “Be the Fountain.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Go north on Kelly Avenue from downtown Edmond.  Just before arriving at the intersection of Kelly Avenue and Coffee Creek Road, you will notice, on the west side of Kelly, an entrance into the residential community of Villas at Hunter’s Creek.  That street turning in is Villas Creek Drive.  As you go through the gates, you will see the Clubhouse directly ahead, next to the swimming pool.  (Note:  On the east side of Kelly Avenue, directly across from the entrance to Villas at Hunter’s Creek, you will notice the Coffee Creek Golf Club.)



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